Mckenzi Brooke and Reif Harrison ones to watch for the future..

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Mckenzi Brooke and Reif Harrison ones to watch for the future..

Mckenzi Brooke and Reif Harrison are TikTok stars with a combined 15 million followers and 100 million views on social media. The siblings rose to fame during the pandemic by sharing dance videos and challenges on TikTok and YouTube, and have since become TikTok sweethearts with a devoted fan base. Both Mckenzi and Reif have a background in dance and performance art, and their talent and natural charisma have made them in high demand for events like Playlist Live in Orlando and New York Fashion Week.

In an exclusive interview, Mckenzi and Reif shared their inspiration for getting into music and their approach to recording and songwriting. Mckenzi said that her family inspired her to get into music and that she wrote her first song, "17," as a response to a hater. She described her music as something that anyone, regardless of age, can get up and listen to. As for her recording and songwriting style, Mckenzi explained that she typically comes up with a melody in her head and then writes lyrics to match it, before working with a producer and engineer to create the instrumentation and recording the vocals.

Looking to the future, Mckenzi and Reif hope to be recognized as artists in their own right, known for their singing as well as their social media followings and dancing. In five years, Mckenzi hopes to have inspired many kids to follow their dreams and be true to themselves. Fans can listen to Mckenzi and Reif's music on all major streaming platforms, as well as on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and Triller.

For more information, fans can visit Mckenzi's Instagram and Reif's TikTok.

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