Can I upload videos in HD?

Yes, as long as they fit within your upload quota which is 1GB

Your video will appear on VooVix in the following resolutions, if either the larger dimension or the smaller dimension meets the restrictions below:

Larger dimension must be at least 3648px, OR
Smaller dimension must be at least 2052px

Larger dimension must be at least 2432px, OR
Smaller dimension must be at least 1368px

Larger dimension must be at least 1824px, OR
Smaller dimension must be at least 1026px

Larger dimension must be at least 1216px, OR
Smaller dimension must be at least 684px

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Which browser does VooVix recommend for uploading?

Although VooVix supports all major browsers, we recommend using a browser that supports our Advanced Uploader. The Advanced Uploader uses proven technology to prevent uploads from failing even if your Internet connection is slow or intermittent. You can also pause and resume your uploads with the Advanced Uploader if you lose your connection.
These browsers currently support VooVix's Advanced Uploader:

Firefox, version 5 or above
Chrome, version 10 or above
Safari, version 6 or above

Why are the Community Guidelines so strict?

We want Voovix to be exciting, entertaining, healthy, positive environment for people to share their videos. Please show respect for your fellow members and lets build a more loving community.

I have the largest collection of my favourite TV series, can I upload them all to VooVix?

You can upload only videos that you have created, or participated closely in the creation of. Unfortunately, if a copyright owner identifies that the content you have updated is in breach of their copyright. We will have to unpublish the content pending investigation.

Can I upload any kind of video I want?

Well, no. Certain content is not permitted on VooVix TV. Content not permitted include;
-Racist content
-Facist content
-Violent content
-Criminal content

If you are found in violation of our policy on content your account might be suspended and you will loose all content connected to your account.