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⁣In an exclusive feature for VooVix TV, we delved into the captivating world of makeup manufacturing with Kryolan, a renowned brand setting the standards in South Africa. Our interview and factory tour offered a unique glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship and innovation that underpin Kryolan's products. From witnessing the precision of formulation to understanding the brand's commitment to quality and sustainability, viewers were immersed in the artistry and passion driving the makeup industry forward in the heart of Africa.

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"Experience culinary excellence like never before with the South African Restaurant Awards, powered by SARATABLE. Join us for a thrilling celebration of South Africa's vibrant dining scene as we honor the best and brightest in the industry. From innovative chefs pushing the boundaries of taste to remarkable dining establishments setting new standards of hospitality, this event is a feast for the senses. Immerse yourself in the flavors, aromas, and stories that define South African cuisine as we showcase the talents and creativity of our nation's culinary artisans. Whether you're a food enthusiast, industry professional, or simply curious about the culinary landscape of South Africa, the South African Restaurant Awards promises an unforgettable journey through the country's gastronomic wonders. Tune in as we unveil the winners and toast to the rich tapestry of flavors that make South African dining an experience like no other."

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⁣Embark on a sensational voyage with VooVix TV as we kick off Episode 1 of our Travel Show - "Cape Town Uncovered." Brace yourself for a distinctive exploration as we delve into the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, delivering unparalleled coverage that goes beyond the ordinary.

🤝 Heartfelt Moments: Witness a side of Cape Town seldom seen as VooVix TV sheds light on impactful stories, covering a children's charity and bringing attention to the challenges faced by the homeless. Prepare to be moved by the profound moments that unfold.

🍽 Culinary Delights: Our journey culminates in an exquisite tasting session at the renowned Mama Africa Restaurant in Long Street. Experience the flavors, the ambiance, and the cultural richness that Mama Africa has to offer. Get ready for a feast for the senses!

🌃 What Lies Beyond: Episode 2 Teaser - The intrigue doesn't end here! Stay tuned for Episode 2 as we unveil the pulsating Nightlife of Cape Town. Prepare for an adventure that takes you into the heart of the city's after-dark allure.

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21 October 2023

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Grimba and Stanley Enow have teamed up to create a sizzling new single, "Temperature," that's sure to set the music world ablaze! The music video, directed by renowned award winning filmmaker Dego Visionz.

The single 'Temperature' featuring #Grimba and #StanleyEnow is out on all platforms from the 1st of May 2023

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Highlights of the National Film Awards UK produced by the National Film Academy

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⁣🎙 Brace yourselves for an unmissable conversation! In Episode 2 of Debated Podcast, we dive deep with the sensational Nicole Watson from Real Housewives of Johannesburg. 💃 Get ready for an exclusive peek into Nicole's world and join the debate that will leave you hooked! 🔥 Don't miss out – hit play now and share your thoughts in the comments below! 🗣 #debatedpodcast #nicolewatson #realitytvqueen #mustlisten 💫

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⁣Welcome to VooVix TV, where we bring you the latest interviews with some of the most interesting and innovative individuals out there. Today, we have a special guest: Emilie, also known as Green Girl, who is the founder of Kanyes Posts, an Instagram account that has become a viral sensation.

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🌟 Exciting Business TV Show Exclusive! 🎬 Chairman CEO Jordan Kensington Meets Abu Sabah of The RSG! 🌐✨

Get ready for an electrifying episode on VooVix TV as Chairman CEO Jordan Kensington sits down with the incredible Abu Sabah! 🎥🤝

Abu Sabah, the visionary CEO of The RSG, brings a legacy of innovation, integrity, and unsurpassed quality to the table. 🌍🚀 From a humble family business in automotive spare parts 70 years ago, The RSG has evolved into a global powerhouse, conquering sectors such as Automotive, Real Estate, Industrial Equipment, Investments, and Property Development across the Middle East, South Asia, and the USA! 🏎🏠💼

In this exclusive interview, we delve into Abu Sabah's journey, exploring the secrets behind The RSG's success. 🌟 Expect positive vibes, insights into his leadership philosophy, and a deep dive into the fascinating world of business excellence! 💡

Tune in for an unforgettable conversation that not only highlights Abu Sabah's achievements but also uncovers the captivating stories that make this interview a must-watch! 🔥 Don't miss out—subscribe now and join us on this journey of inspiration and business brilliance! 🚀🔗 #businesstvshow #exclusiveinterview #leadershiptalks #thersgsuccess 🌐✨

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⁣🍽 Indulge Your Culinary Curiosity with VooVix Food Show! 🎉

Get ready for a tantalizing journey through the culinary wonders of Mama Samba's kitchen, brought to you by SARATABLE! Join us on the latest episode of the VooVix Food Show as we dive into the heart and soul of Mama Samba's culinary creations.

SARATABLE, our proud sponsor, believes in the magic of shared meals and the joy that comes with each bite. Together, we're bringing you an exclusive review of Mama Samba's delectable dishes, where every flavor tells a story and every bite is a celebration.

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Welcome to the VooVix Food Show, where culinary delights and gastronomic adventures take center stage! In this episode, we embark on a journey to uncover the flavors, ambiance, and culinary craftsmanship at one of the city's hidden gems – Tang Restaurant.

Join us as we dive into a comprehensive review of Tang Restaurant, exploring its unique fusion of traditional and contemporary culinary styles. From delectable appetizers to mouthwatering main courses, we leave no plate unturned, offering you an immersive experience into the heart of Tang's culinary artistry.
Discover the charm of Tang's ambiance, a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and cultural influences, creating an inviting space for both casual diners and culinary enthusiasts alike. Our expert reviewers will guide you through the nuances of the dining experience, from the first impression at the entrance to the final satisfying bite.
As we navigate the menu, you'll witness the passion and dedication that goes into each dish, highlighting the restaurant's commitment to delivering an exceptional dining journey. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or someone looking for a new dining destination, the VooVix Food Show - Tang Restaurant Review promises to tantalize your taste buds and provide valuable insights into this culinary haven.
Join us for an immersive exploration of Tang Restaurant – a feast for the senses, a celebration of flavors, and an invitation to savor the culinary magic that awaits. Don't miss out on this gastronomic adventure on the VooVix Food Show!

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⁣Welcome to episode one of Jay's Sports Day! Where your favourite artists, entertainers and creators, go head-to-head, for nothing but bants and bragging rights.

Think primary school classics (like the egg and spoon) as well as new games with a twist, until we can crown our ultimate Sport's Day Champion.

5 events, 3 contestants, and nothing but nonsense.

Episode 1 sees the classic egg & spoon race - but who will be the first to crack under pressure?

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⁣Join me as I hear the story of sixteen friends from Israel, who decided to leave the rat race and live a new life together in Costa Rica. After bringing all their pets with them, locals saw them as animal lovers and began to drop off animals in need. They then ended up with an unplanned animal sanctuary, and decided to make their hotel non-profit so that they could save thousands of lives. This group have an incredible story, and have dedicated their lives to running a vegan, love-filled hotel and sanctuary.

Win a trip to Costa Rica:

Donate here:

Hotel website:

Episode One - Give Them A Voice

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⁣Director Elizabeth Blake-Thomas is a British award-winning filmmaker and philanthropist based in Los Angeles. She is the founder and resident director of entertainment company Mother & Daughter Entertainment, whose motto is "Making Content That Matters", putting focus on each project starting a conversation amongst viewers.

Being a female director, Elizabeth strives to make projects with at least a 50/50 female cast and crew. A regular on panels at Sundance, Cannes and Toronto International Film Festival, Elizabeth mentors wherever possible, ensuring she sends the elevator back down to all other female directors and filmmakers. She also runs regular retreats, in which she shares personal development and life skills with other individuals.

In our exclusive interview, Elizabeth discusses how she combines her retreats with her directing career, and discusses her up-coming Hollywood movie, Sikou. Sharing life-changing skills along the way, you will definitely leave this video inspired.
To see more on Elizabeth's retreats, visit ⁣

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Live stream of the National Film Awards 2023

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⁣⁣ 🎙Get ready for an electrifying episode of Debated! 🔥Join us as we dive deep into the world of entertainment and beyond with the one and only Nay Maps!🌟
In this exclusive podcast, we're breaking barriers and exploring the incredible journey of a South African icon. Nay Maps, the shining star from the realm of television, graces our studio with his charm, wit, and unparalleled insights.
From his rise to fame to the secrets behind his success, Nay Maps unveils it all in this riveting conversation. We're debating the hottest topics, sharing personal stories, and unleashing the passion that fuels this remarkable individual.
Expect laughter, inspiration, and a whole lot of wisdom as we navigate through the highs and lows of the entertainment industry. Buckle up for an unforgettable ride filled with revelations, and a ton of surprises!
This episode is a MUST-watch.

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⁣BARBICAN BRASSIERE, European dishes with a Modern twist 🤤🌪


I was invited to dine at the Barbican Brassiere located inside the Barbican building. Upon arrival, we were introduced to the lovely staff and a stunning view of the city.

The Starters, Mains and Desserts were immaculate in taste as well was decoration. My favourite dish was most likely the Pan seared Halibut with Caviar.

Altogether, the experience and dining was amazing and I rate the restaurant, 8.3/10. The only thing I would say to reconsider is the carpeting between the bar and the seats. Apart from this minor factor, I would definitely come here again before or after watching a theatre show. (My Neighbour Totoro is currently on at the theatre).


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Join me on a journey through Costa Rica to discover the top sights and activities to do!

Jay McGregor
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⁣Welcome to episode 2 of Jay's Sports Day! Where your favourite artists, entertainers and creators, go head-to-head, for nothing but bants and bragging rights. Think primary school classics (like the egg and spoon) as well as new games with a twist, until we can crown our ultimate Sport's Day Champion 🏅

5 events, 3 contestants, and nothing but nonsense.

Episode 2 features our second event of the series - the side flop salmon! 🐟

Fidel might be top of the leaderboard right now, but who's got it in them to tip the scales this episode?

​ @jaymcgregor_

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⁣🎙 Exciting News! 🌟 Episode 3 of the Debated Podcast is here, marking the debut of our first series in 2024! Catch the engaging banter, thought-provoking discussions, and captivating stories on our YouTube channel. 🚀

📺 Watch exclusively on VooVix TV and dive into the riveting conversation with none other than Nicole Watson from Real Housewives of Jo'Burg! 🌍 Don't miss out on the sizzling debates and exclusive insights.

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