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Why No Black People in Video Games??

4 Views· 10/19/22
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I've been playing games my whole life, and today I'd like to talk about how there aren't a lot of Black video game characters. A lot of what I say also applies to other minorities too, not just Black People.

Please try to keep it Civil in the comments but not Civil like the Civil War please no not like that

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Music Used:
Secret of the Forest – Chrono Trigger OST
Here Come the Titans – Attack on Titan OST
Smash Bros Brawl Main Theme
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Main Theme
Smash Bros Brawl Main Theme Remix
Star-Shattering God 2.0 by jusprox - https://youtu.be/RiuKZvgmUDg
Godhood // Xenoblade Trap Remix by Jusprox - https://youtu.be/ADdm7H8sipw
Undyne Fight Theme – Undertale OST
Pursuit: Cornered – Phoenix Wright OST
Star Spangled Banner – United States OST
Miles Morales Underground Combat Theme
Wii Sports Theme
Wii Sports Theme (Trap Remix) by OSRSBeats - https://youtu.be/bDmKybVciv4
Super Mario 3D World Final Boss (Trap Remix) by GoldlightXHiphop - https://youtu.be/laccPMM29ys
Kingdom of Predators - Hunter X Hunter OST
Desire 2 // Fire Emblem Fates Hip Hop Remix by Jusprox - https://youtu.be/JyjBfCPp3YY
Thang Jingle – Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion OST
Spider-Man 3 Black Suit Theme
The Great Cross-Examination ~ Moderato – The Great Ace Attorney OST
Joint Reasoning The Great Deduction (Type A) – The Great Ace Attorney OST
Pursuit ~ Last Promotion Version - Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies OST
Super Mario 3D Land - Snow Mountain Remix (Trap Remix) by Chappy - https://youtu.be/9s8d2hVB0Dg
Humble by Kendrick Lamar Instrumental but I'm doubling the beat on bass

0:00 Introduction & Disclaimers
0:25 Smash Bros Disappointment
1:28 More Disclaimers & Excuses lmao
2:23 Nintendo Games & Diversity
4:09 Great Black Characters
5:03 Black Characters in Games
6:35 Character Creators
8:26 Japanese & Western Games
9:32 Don't tweet this
9:52 Honestly I just kind of ramble here
11:11 Representation Matters & “Forced Diversity”
12:34 Reddit Moment & Who Really Plays Video Games
14:39 Black History Fact of the Day
14:49 Black People in Fantasy Outrage
15:08 Logic & Reasoning Spectacular
16:45 There can just BE Black People
18:04 Final Thoughts
21:14 Closing


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